Please note that this form is ONLY for the September 2019 Shrewsbury ceremony and November 2019 Chester graduation ceremonies. The form will only work once your final award has been confirmed. Please contact your department if you are unsure when your award will be confirmed.

Ticket Allocation

Each graduand/diplomate is guaranteed 2 guest tickets, in addition to your own ticket as graduand/diplomate.  These will be posted to you no later than the week commencing Monday 21st October 2019.

We can not advise on extra ticket availability until the initial booking form has closed nor guarantee that there will be any extra tickets remaining. Attending students will be contacted after the booking form has closed in October with further details of extra ticket availability.

If it is not possible to provide you with extra guest tickets, please note the ceremonies are streamed live over the internet (using the 'Graduation Ceremony Video' link on the right hand side of the page) and they are also streamed into White's Dining Rooms and the University Chapel on Parkgate Road Campus.

Tickets will NOT be posted to addresses outside of the UK. If you are not able to provide an address in the UK that your tickets can be posted to, you will need to collect your tickets from the Northgate Arena on the day of your Ceremony (when you collect your gown). You will be provided with details of the day and of your ticket allocation via email.


University policy specifies that no award or degree will be presented to any person with an outstanding tuition fee debt. It is your responsibility to check if this is the case. Unpaid tuition fees must be cleared by Monday 7th October 2019. Any student who has not settled their debts by this date will not be eligible to attend their Graduation Ceremony and their degree or award certificate will be withheld until such time as the debt has been cleared. For any debt-related issues, please contact Finance on 01244 512810 or

Academic Appeals

University policy specifies that no student should attend their Graduation Ceremony pending the outcome of an Academic Appeal. It is your responsibility to contact the Graduation Office on 01244 512911 if you have an outstanding appeal. An Academic Appeal will not be accepted or considered further if you attend your Graduation Ceremony and accept your award.

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